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The United Church of Canada

The UCC’s home site is an excellent resource for a variety of topics. It provides information of global justice and partnerships, ecumenical and interfaith relationships, aboriginal justice, and ecology, all with ways to get involved in current actions, campaigns, and appeals. There are also resources for congregational life, worship, Ministry & Personnel, and various books and videos.
Check it out at


The Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church of Canada

The Pacific Mountain Region supports the congregations and ministries of The United Church of Canada in BC, Whitehorse and Banff in a variety of ways.

We focus on providing services that assist church personnel and maintaining good relationships between congregations and personnel. We also provide staff, finances, advice, advocacy, and program resources to presbyteries and congregations to enhance their work. 

pacific mountain region

The Vancouver School of Theology

VST offers diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees in divinity, Christian studies, theology, philosophy and more.
Distance education and continuing education courses are also offered. For a list of Continuing Education courses visit


Naramata Centre 

Open to people of all ages, Naramata Centre is an inclusive, welcoming place to connect and deepen in mind, body and spirit. Situated on 23 acres of land on the east shore of Lake Okanagan, the Centre provides a peaceful oasis for children, teens, adults, families and elders to play, relax, grow and be authentically themselves, supported in community. The centre is located Lake Okanagan north of Penticton.   Naramata Centre