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National Aboriginal Day

Maggie McLeod, Executive Minister for Aboriginal Ministries and Indigenous Justice, offers her thoughts on National Aboriginal Day, which is coming up on June 21:

The Powwow has layers of colours and sounds, textures and teachings, emotions and purpose. At times it can appear disorderly: chicken dancers, fancy shawl dancers, grass dancers, hoop dancers, traditional dancers, and jingle dancers, sometimes moving off in different directions. 

There is one thing that brings everyone into common focus. It is the drum—the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The dancers will say how they feel that heartbeat as their feet touch the sacred earth.

A lot goes on under the big top. And there is a lot is going on in our church, and in this country, right now. The United Church of Canada holds the identity it does because a variety of communities gather across the land to share common faith, concerns, and joys. Like the dancers, we each come equipped with unique expressions to contribute to a common purpose. 

There’s vulnerability in coming together. These dancers are not competing with one another; they enter into communal space to offer themselves. Coming into the big top brings a deep sense of humility and gratitude. Even as you are offering yourself, you are also receiving abundance.

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[Photo: Maggie McLeod]