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The Children at Conference program provides an opportunity for children ages 8-12 from across the Conference to gather and participate in the worship and work of the annual meeting of the B.C. Conference of The United Church.  This meeting takes place from Thursday, May to Sunday, May 28, 2017, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. 


Here is a sample of what a day might look like while you are at the conference…

Singing & Conversation with your table group in the General Meeting
Theme exploration through music, drama, story, art and play.
Time with the Conference President, President Elect and new ministers
Creating & leading a worship experience
Games, snacks and a movie
Sleeping bag stories…

The Children at Conference program provides an opportunity for up to thirty children,
ages 8-12, from across the Conference, to gather and participate in the worship and work of the
Annual Meeting of the B. C. Conference of The United Church.

¨ Children will explore this year’s theme “How Big is Our Tent?” through story, drama, art,
games, and reflection.

¨ They will join with the total gathering of Conference from time to time to take part in the
tasks being worked on, and to participate in and offer leadership in worship.

¨ Children at Conference will be a Residential Program this year – children in the program
will stay overnight at Place Vanier in UBC. Leaders will also be staying overnight as supervisors.

* Parents attending the Conference may choose to have their children stay with them.

¨ There will be a $100 program fee to cover the cost of this being a residential program.
There will be a $20 fee for those who choose not to stay overnight.

¨ We are unable to provide funding for travel expenses for the children.

¨ We ask that congregations and presbyteries help support children in attending, by help
with the registration fee, travel expenses and encouraging children to apply.

¨ All children must be accompanied by an adult delegate (either a parent or a sponsor) who
is prepared to take overall responsibility for the child during the Conference.

¨ We encourage Congregations, Presbyteries and Leaders to distribute information about
registration to those children in your congregation who are 8-12 years.

If we receive more than thirty registrations consideration will be given first to children who have
not yet attended a General Meeting

Applications must be received by Monday, May 1st, and are found at:  BC Conference 2017 General Meeting