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The Contemplative Justice Network is an initiative of the BC Conference of The United Church of Canada. The CJN values, honours and welcomes people of all faith backgrounds or those without a connection to a faith tradition to participate, partner and share wisdom in our programs and initiatives. The CJN approach draws on the contemplative Christian tradition and focuses on spiritual practice and community praxis (putting our knowledge, skills and values into action) as tools for transform of ourselves and our world.

This network rests upon the foundation of the good work completed by many committed volunteers, most recently, the Justice Advisory Circle. The Contemplative Justice Network is funded through BC Conference as well as a generous donation from Capilano United Church upon closure of its building.

The Contemplative Justice Network is excited to be part of the INSPIRE Conference this year and to bring you workshops and speakers focused on the intersection of contemplation and social justice. Whether you are a seasoned activist looking for a way to sustain your work in the world, a contemplative seeking tools to engage in social change more skillfully, or find yourself somewhere in between: we welcome your participation! 

To learn more about the Contemplative Justice Network:  Contemplative Justice Network

To learn more about or to register for the Inspire Conference:  Inspire Conference