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You may have already heard the news. We are speechless here at First United Church in the downtown eastside of Vancouver.

Thanks to your hard work voting for and supporting us, we have been awarded $50,000 (the maximum allowed and exactly what we asked for) in the AVIVA Community Fund Campaign.

We truly had no idea we could expect such a generous award, and we truly could not have done it without you.

What an amazing journey this has been! It started with your votes, and ended with a visit from the AVIVA representatives where they were touched by the first-hand view of the folks we are helping and all our supportive programs (and humble circumstances!) and where they shared with us in no uncertain terms how much they LOVE US! They were blown away by all we are doing with this community, and we were blown away by their dedicated support.

We are tremendously thankful to all our supporters for what you have done to make this gift possible, but the blessings of the project go far beyond the bottom line. We have had the opportunity to share our Ministry with so many caring people, and to be a part of a dedicated and committed group of folks.

We have had so many positive interactions with voters, volunteers and supporters, and have been uplifted by the numerous kind words and remembrances that people have shared with us.

Thank you for ALL the gifts this journey has made possible, but mostly thank you for your faith in us and your belief that the work we do is worth doing, and the folks we help are worth helping.

We will be creating a 'renovation diary' to document the transformation of THE HUB, and will be sharing that journey with you when it happens.

THANK YOU. For the last but definitely not least time this cycle.