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Despite the beauty of springtime, the hardships of homelessness - the cold, the rain, the hunger - can wear down a person’s hope, and despair can seem all-consuming. But every day, we are working against that despair, and you can help

First United’s services are a lifeline to so many in the Downtown Eastside. Ask any of our community members, and they will tell you how First United gave them hope, or kept hope alive, when they thought all might be lost. 

One of these people is Beverley, who found herself homeless after her roommate passed away in July. 

Struggling with undiagnosed mental illness and addiction, Beverley soon found herself stuck. Thankfully, someone at The Women’s Centre recommended First United, and as soon as Beverley walked in she knew it was the right place. “I couldn’t believe how well I was taken care of,” she says.

  “I think that First United saved my life,” says Beverley. “I don’t know where I’d be without them. If we come together, we can ensure no one is left behind.” After securing transitional housing and medical care, Beverley now volunteers at First United to help others who find themselves on hard times as well.  

I hope that we can count on your support with a donation to First United today. It’s with the help of people like you that stories like Beverley’s are possible.  

Please reach out this spring in the spirit of renewal, and give today. We are so grateful for your support.

Sincerely, Rev. Carmen Lansdowne Executive Director

P.S. To provide stability and hope to people who need it most, make your gift online at First United Renewal or by phone at 604-336-3047.